Multimedia Classrooms

Queensborough has many multimedia facilities, ranging from small classrooms to large halls, with and without student computers. These classrooms are designed to make use of the computer, Internet, video, CD, DVD and BluRay as easy as possible.

Most of the following rooms require a swipe of your ID Card to enter. To gain access to swipe lock rooms please have your Department Administrative Assistant send your ID Card's ISO number to

To book one of these rooms please contact the Registrar at (718) 631-6215.


Podium Training

The Academic Computing Center hosts a workshop on How to Use Classroom Podia.

Register for a workshop!

You can download a copy of the training materials from the links below.

QCC Classroom Podium Tutorial (pptx)

CP-II Classroom Podium Tutorial (pptx)


Podium Support

Please do not hesitate to address questions or report problems regarding classroom technology to the Academic Computing Center. For support, you can email us at or call if you are having a problem while in a classroom based on the following schedule.

Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM (718) 631-6624
Monday - Thursday 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM (718) 631-6271
Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (718) 631-6624
Saturday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (718) 631-6271

Multimedia Classroom List

Room NumberDepartmentRoom TypePodium Type
A-202Holocaust CenterSmart ClassroomCP-II
A-204BusinessSmart ClassroomCP-II
A-308BusinessComputer LabSmart TV
A-310BusinessSmart ClassroomCP-II
A-311BusinessSmart ClassroomCP-II
A-312BusinessSmart ClassroomCP-II
A-313BusinessSmart ClassroomCP-II
A-314BusinessSmart ClassroomLT
C-101Art & DesignSmart ClassroomCP-II
C-102Art & DesignSmart ClassroomCP-II
C-111Art & DesignSmart ClassroomCustom
C-201SpeechSmart ClassroomCP-II
C-207Art & DesignSmart ClassroomCustom
G-201Physical EducationSmart ClassroomCP-II
G-202Physical EducationSmart ClassroomPD
G-207Physical EducationSmart ClassroomCP-II
G-208Physical EducationSmart ClassroomCustom
H-110MusicLecture HallCustom
H-114SpeechSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-115Social SciencesSmart ClassroomLT
H-116SpeechSmart ClassroomLTQ
H-123SpeechSmart ClassroomLTQ
H-144MusicLecture HallCP-II
H-205Foreign LanguagesSmart ClassroomLT
H-206Foreign LanguagesSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-207Foreign Lang.Smart ClassroomLT
H-208Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomLT
H-213Foreign LanguagesSmart ClassroomLTQ
H-214Foreign LanguagesSmart ClassroomLTQ
H-224Foreign LanguagesSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-230Foreign Lang.Smart ClassroomLT
H-231Social SciencesSmart ClassroomLT
H-232EnglishSmart ClassroomLT
H-233Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomLT
H-237EnglishComputer LabCP-II
H-238EnglishComputer LabCP-II
H-239RegistrarSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-305Foreign LanguagesSmart ClassroomLT
H-306Social SciencesSmart ClassroomLT
H-308SpeechSmart ClassroomLTQ
H-309Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomCP-II
H-313Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomLTQ
H-314Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomLT
H-315Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomCP-II
H-332EnglishHybrid ClassroomCP-II
H-333EnglishSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-334EnglishSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-335BusinessSmart ClassroomLTQ
H-339Academic LiteracyHybrid ClassroomCP-II
H-341BusinessSmart ClassroomLT
H-347VariousSmart ClassroomLT
H-349VariousSmart ClassroomLT
H-436EnglishSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-437EnglishSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-438EnglishSmart ClassroomLTQ
H-440EnglishSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-443BusinessSmart ClassroomLT
H-444BusinessSmart ClassroomLT
H-445RegistrarSmart ClassroomLT
H-446RegistrarSmart ClassroomCP-II
H-447RegistrarSmart ClassroomLT
L-117ACCSmart ClassroomLT
L-302LibrarySmart ClassroomCP-II
L-311LibrarySmart ClassroomCP-II
L-312Conference RmSmart ClassroomPD
L-313CETLSmart ClassroomCP-II
LB-03Media ServiceSmart ClassroomCP-II
LB-08BusinessSmart ClassroomLT
LB-16ACCSmart ClassroomCP-II
LB-19Media ServiceSmart ClassroomCP-II
LB-24LibrarySmart ClassroomLTQ
LB-26Media ServiceSmart ClassroomCP-II
LB-29VariousSmart ClassroomHB Communications
LB-30Media ServiceSmart ClassroomCP-II
M-123Social SciencesSmart ClassroomLT
M-126Social SciencesSmart ClassroomLTQ
M-129Social SciencesSmart ClassroomLT
M-130Social SciencesSmart ClassroomLT
M-131Social SciencesSmart ClassroomCP-II
M-133HistorySmart ClassroomCP-II
M-134HistorySmart ClassroomLT
M-136VariousSmart ClassroomHB Communications
M-140Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomLTQ
M-142MathematicsSmart ClassroomPD
M-143EnglishSmart ClassroomCP-II
M-146Social SciencesSmart ClassroomCP-II
M-255BiologySmart ClassroomCP-II
M-332Social SciencesSmart ClassroomPD
M-342NursingSmart ClassroomLT
M-344ABusinessSmart ClassroomLT
M-344BNursingSmart ClassroomLT
M-431BiologySmart ClassroomCP-II
MC-21Academic LiteracySmart ClassroomLTQ
MC-24Massage TherapySmart ClassroomLTQ
MC-28HistorySmart ClassroomLT
MC-29MathematicsSmart ClassroomCP-II
MC-30MathematicsSmart ClassroomCP-II
MC-31Mathematics/Academic LiteSmart ClassroomLTQ
MC-33MathematicsSmart ClassroomLTQ
MC-41MathematicsSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-111VariousSmart ClassroomHB Communications
S-112VariousSmart ClassroomHB Communications
S-206BiologySmart ClassroomLT
S-207BiologySmart ClassroomCP-II
S-211MathematicsSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-212BiologySmart ClassroomCP-II
S-213MathematicsSmart ClassroomLTQ
S-214History/BiologySmart ClassroomLTQ
S-222MathematicsSmart ClassroomLTQ
S-223ECETSmart ClassroomLTQ
S-224ECETSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-225MathematicsSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-311Physics Smart ClassroomCP-II
S-312PhysicsSmart ClassroomLT
S-313PhysicsSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-314PhysicsSmart ClassroomLTQ
S-316SpeechSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-319EnglishSmart ClassroomLT
S-321MathematicsSmart ClassroomLT
S-323MathematicsSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-412ChemistrySmart ClassroomPD
S-413Social SciencesSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-414ChemistrySmart ClassroomLTQ
S-415ChemistrySmart ClassroomLTQ
S-416RegistrarSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-417HistorySmart ClassroomCP-II
S-418HistorySmart ClassroomLTQ
S-419RegistrarSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-420RegistrarSmart ClassroomCP-II
S-421MathematicsSmart ClassroomLTQ
S-422MathematicsSmart ClassroomLTQ
S-423MathematicsSmart ClassroomLT
S-424Social SciencesSmart Classroom
S-430PhysicsSmart ClassroomLT
S-434Chem & SS (Forensics)Smart ClassroomCP-II

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center (KHC)
Kupferberg Holocaust Center

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Queensborough Performing Arts Center
QPAC: Performing Arts Center

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art Gallery
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.